Digital Profit Master FAQ – Creating your Own Digital Product – Creating Your Future

Hi James Here
I know you are busy and it’s the weekend so I’ll keep this short and very sweet for you. This is a super special amazing deal, but it’s not going to last for long.
In fact you only have until tomorrow and it’s gone!

Right now my good friends John Thornhill and Dan Sumner at Digital Profit Master HQ are offering a staggering discount and bonus until Sunday on their newly created 6 fig product creation training. How does an amazing 33% discount sound? Amazing…?

If you have or ever have wanted to create a 6 figure product then this is for you. If you have ever wanted to create a product like the big time creation gurus, then you need to check this out!

Digital Profit Master has everything you need to take your current and future online products to the next level. This is serious next level stuff right now.

Take a look at what these guys have to offer, you won’t be disappointed.
You can also claim a huge 33% discount with the coupon code added to the sales page and a
massive $297 product bonus right now, but it will only last until Sunday!
I suggest you finish up what you are doing and pick this up today. Grab a coffee and settle down for some magic.

I have had a few emails from all of you fine people asking me to contact the guys behind Digital Profit Master with some FAQ’s.

They responded so here goes:

Q. Is the discount going beyond launch week?
A. No unfortunately, we can only hold the price during this week and it ends on Sunday and that’s carved in stone.
Q. Will this product show me how to create a product from start to finish
A. Yes Digital Profit Master will show you how to get started from nothing to finally building your own product and also to submit to the market place for sales. We hold nothing back.
Q. Is this more than an eBook?
A. Yes most certainly, DPM consists of a lot more. If you know us you know that we go the whole mile and build products in multi format so you get the most from them and learn exactly what you need to know at a very low investment. We like to think of ourselves as digital heroes (just kidding).
Q. What if I don’t understand some elements of the program?
A. Don’t worry we have you covered with dedicated support
Q. I can’t believe you are giving so much away for so little. What’s the catch
A. Probably the hardest question of all due to the element of trust when we say this because we want you to succeed. We want you to succeed because if you create a great product we are responsible and we know you won’t forget that.

The last question is awesome isn’t it?

Well there you have it. I’m sure now you will be joining the guys and jumping on-board with this. But before I go I need to reinforce the need for urgency. This awesome product and offer ends on Sunday! All $297 bonuses and discount codes will be removed.
I hope you get in before it ends.
To your success,
James Irwin


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