Happy Thanksgiving everybody, James is feeling grateful and looking forward.

I am so blessed to have had some of the best Internet Marketing teachers available who give a damn about their students. That’s why I’ve been following John Thornhill and Dan Sumner Dave creators of Digital Profit Master and the group including Omar Martin and Micheal Cheney since I since I began learning about the power of Internet Marketing back in 2007.. My wife, Karen and I were learning from John and began to build a network in our niche but my wife Karen was so sick with multiple sclerosis that we could not continue and after my layoff from my job at the engineering company, very quickly, everything snowballed and we lost it all. The medical insurance that took care of Karen cancelled so any income went to medications, food and keeping the lights on in the middle of emergency rooms and dialysis centers. But through it, we kept our magic, our friendship and love of almost 30 years.

2011 Karen past away. My health suffered, lost 30 pounds I didn’t need to lose, I began to drink… I almost died two months later and it’s been God, my fighters heart and good teachers to keep to help me find my strength, learn to become mindful of living this moment well and not keep reliving a past loss. Karen did not want me to grieve and pine my life away  but it’s easy to fall into when you lose somebody you love.. but….. I kept the vision, the goals Karen and I shared in my minds eye.

Karen finished her story right before she went to the hospital for the last time. This is Karen’s message to others on how she kept fighting through the terrors of MS, plus everything else going on in between and still retained her magic and will to have the best of day, no matter what. She always had a smile, an encouraging word. She loved the outdoors. The night Karen finished her story, she made me promise her I would add my narritive and create our ebook and get it online. Soon, this will be done thanks to my instructors programs. Keep in touch, I will be sharing my progress and methods I am using the achieve this Goal. If you like to see what I am using to reach goals, see my teachers, John Thornhill and Dan Sumner’s video about Digital Profit Master here:


Today James is back on the horse enjoying and rebuilding life and helping my eighty year old disabled parents while I do it . I have been blessed that through a hardship back east,  I was reunited with my Mom and Dad after many years of not seeing them . Everyday is a good day and a gift.

So I would like to wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. Stay grateful my friends for every little thing that you have, the wind in your face, a walk in the woods, but the most valuable being family, friends, the people you love and the people that love you.

Happy Thanksgiving People


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