It’s been a productive few days. Assembling the internet marketing engine.


Don’t give up on your dreams and goals because with the right teachers and staying focused all things are possible. It’s been a long day good good day. Sparked up the computer at 7 o…

Source: It’s been a productive few days. Assembling the internet marketing  engine.


It’s been a productive few days. Assembling the internet marketing engine.

Don’t give up on your dreams and goals because with the right teachers and staying focused all things are possible.
It’s been a long day good good day. Sparked up the computer at 7 o’clock this morning I’ve been at it until 4 o’clock this afternoon.

I had to go to the store and get food for our dinner and now cooking up a great chicken dinner for Mom and Dad, myself and Gizmo the Wonder Dog. Sliced fresh cucumber and tomato with baked potato and simmered season pinto beans. Good to work up an appetite and see my parents enjoy my food.

Today I installed WordPress on my hosting account and installed Optimizepress after that. As someone new, this is a cool step for me.

Inside of my Hosting account cpanel I installed WordPress and from there installed Omnipress 2. It was really cool to see everything install correctly and successfully. It just goes to show that the instruction that I’m getting through my teacher’s programs are the real deal.

For all you guys and girls out there that want to get into this you need to check Optimize Press 2 and Digital Profit Master at the link below.

Digital Product Creation and Marketing

More on that later as I get it all set up. Please stay in touch and watch my progress and I’ll be sharing hows and whys what needs to go together that can help you get your own product out there in your niche.

Anyway cooking dinner for Mom and Pops and need to go turn the chicken and check the vegetables. I just wanted to say hello and thanks for reading I hope you enjoy what I will be sharing with all of you. I have an unusual story and have been through some of the things in life that most people dread. But I made it and still making it. The key my friends is to stay mindful and grateful. Don’t live in the past, not in the future, but in this moment. Above all, never give up on your dreams and goals.

My friends if I can do this and restart my life after my wife passing away from MS losing it all, I know you can too can begin again, it’s just a decision.

Your Own Digital Product Created


Black Friday Special For Omar and Malinda Martin’s Training Course, Internet Selling For Newbies

Imagine the sigh of relief you would
let out knowing that all your bills have
already been paid and the month hasn’t

Are you trapped???

Let’s be honest with each other for
a second okay.

How long have you been at this
“Internet Marketing Game”?

Do you feel you’ve been making the
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… or are you stuck?

If you’ve been spinning your wheels
for a while buying product after
product and still trying to make it all
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“It’s not your fault.”

That’s not just me saying this to you…
Those are the words of Internet
Marketing millionaire Omar Martin and
his wife Melinda.

So many good people set out to make
a side income on the internet but they
fall into an endless cavern of products
and they end up with information overload.

That’s why most people that try to build
an online business FAIL.

No matter how long you’ve been trying
to do this, if you aren’t getting the results
you think you should be getting then it’s

Clear your desk, grab a cup of coffee
and watch the Internet Selling For Newbies
training videos by Omar & Melinda Martin.

These two REALLY know their stuff. Not
just how to make money online fast but…

Omar and Melinda Martin have developed
this course to help you lay down a SOLID
FOUNDATION for your business.

From A to Z… you’re about to learn the most
important things to keep money coming in
consistently for you from the internet.

  • Digital Web Business Basics
  • Marketing vs. Selling
  • Branding & List Building
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Vendor Marketing
  • Traffic Driving
  • Funnels Made Easy
  • Product Launches
  • Putting It All Together

This ain’t a bunch of psychobabble. This is
the stuff you should have known from the
beginning but NO ONE EVER BOTHERED

Go get ISFN right now and immerse yourself
in this training, you and your family deserve
more out of your online business and this
course will show you how to get it.

To Your Success,
James Irwin

P.S. – This special price is only for the weekend
and it goes away Sunday at midnight so don’t
put it off. 100% Guarantee if not satisfied!



Happy Thanksgiving everybody, James is feeling grateful and looking forward.

I am so blessed to have had some of the best Internet Marketing teachers available who give a damn about their students. That’s why I’ve been following John Thornhill and Dan Sumner Dave creators of Digital Profit Master and the group including Omar Martin and Micheal Cheney since I since I began learning about the power of Internet Marketing back in 2007.. My wife, Karen and I were learning from John and began to build a network in our niche but my wife Karen was so sick with multiple sclerosis that we could not continue and after my layoff from my job at the engineering company, very quickly, everything snowballed and we lost it all. The medical insurance that took care of Karen cancelled so any income went to medications, food and keeping the lights on in the middle of emergency rooms and dialysis centers. But through it, we kept our magic, our friendship and love of almost 30 years.

2011 Karen past away. My health suffered, lost 30 pounds I didn’t need to lose, I began to drink… I almost died two months later and it’s been God, my fighters heart and good teachers to keep to help me find my strength, learn to become mindful of living this moment well and not keep reliving a past loss. Karen did not want me to grieve and pine my life away  but it’s easy to fall into when you lose somebody you love.. but….. I kept the vision, the goals Karen and I shared in my minds eye.

Karen finished her story right before she went to the hospital for the last time. This is Karen’s message to others on how she kept fighting through the terrors of MS, plus everything else going on in between and still retained her magic and will to have the best of day, no matter what. She always had a smile, an encouraging word. She loved the outdoors. The night Karen finished her story, she made me promise her I would add my narritive and create our ebook and get it online. Soon, this will be done thanks to my instructors programs. Keep in touch, I will be sharing my progress and methods I am using the achieve this Goal. If you like to see what I am using to reach goals, see my teachers, John Thornhill and Dan Sumner’s video about Digital Profit Master here:

Today James is back on the horse enjoying and rebuilding life and helping my eighty year old disabled parents while I do it . I have been blessed that through a hardship back east,  I was reunited with my Mom and Dad after many years of not seeing them . Everyday is a good day and a gift.

So I would like to wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. Stay grateful my friends for every little thing that you have, the wind in your face, a walk in the woods, but the most valuable being family, friends, the people you love and the people that love you.

Happy Thanksgiving People

Digital Profit Master FAQ – Creating your Own Digital Product – Creating Your Future

Hi James Here
I know you are busy and it’s the weekend so I’ll keep this short and very sweet for you. This is a super special amazing deal, but it’s not going to last for long.
In fact you only have until tomorrow and it’s gone!

Right now my good friends John Thornhill and Dan Sumner at Digital Profit Master HQ are offering a staggering discount and bonus until Sunday on their newly created 6 fig product creation training. How does an amazing 33% discount sound? Amazing…?

If you have or ever have wanted to create a 6 figure product then this is for you. If you have ever wanted to create a product like the big time creation gurus, then you need to check this out!

Digital Profit Master has everything you need to take your current and future online products to the next level. This is serious next level stuff right now.

Take a look at what these guys have to offer, you won’t be disappointed.
You can also claim a huge 33% discount with the coupon code added to the sales page and a
massive $297 product bonus right now, but it will only last until Sunday!
I suggest you finish up what you are doing and pick this up today. Grab a coffee and settle down for some magic.

I have had a few emails from all of you fine people asking me to contact the guys behind Digital Profit Master with some FAQ’s.

They responded so here goes:

Q. Is the discount going beyond launch week?
A. No unfortunately, we can only hold the price during this week and it ends on Sunday and that’s carved in stone.
Q. Will this product show me how to create a product from start to finish
A. Yes Digital Profit Master will show you how to get started from nothing to finally building your own product and also to submit to the market place for sales. We hold nothing back.
Q. Is this more than an eBook?
A. Yes most certainly, DPM consists of a lot more. If you know us you know that we go the whole mile and build products in multi format so you get the most from them and learn exactly what you need to know at a very low investment. We like to think of ourselves as digital heroes (just kidding).
Q. What if I don’t understand some elements of the program?
A. Don’t worry we have you covered with dedicated support
Q. I can’t believe you are giving so much away for so little. What’s the catch
A. Probably the hardest question of all due to the element of trust when we say this because we want you to succeed. We want you to succeed because if you create a great product we are responsible and we know you won’t forget that.

The last question is awesome isn’t it?

Well there you have it. I’m sure now you will be joining the guys and jumping on-board with this. But before I go I need to reinforce the need for urgency. This awesome product and offer ends on Sunday! All $297 bonuses and discount codes will be removed.
I hope you get in before it ends.
To your success,
James Irwin

Serious Question: What does every single successful Internet Marketer on the Planet have in common?

Answer:   Their own products.

Yes, show me ANY successful Internet

Marketer and I will show you a marketer

who creates their own products.

I have said from day one that product creation

is the most important skill

you need to learn.

“But product creation is hard.”

Who told you that? Certainly not me.

There’s no need to think product

creation is hard, because it isn’t.

And there’s a program that’s just

been released to show you how easy

it really can be.

Digital Profit Master was created

by 2 marketers with over 20 years

of product creation experience.

Quite simply, you won’t find a more

value packed comprehensive guide.

It’s all you need.

So if you still want to succeed at

Internet Marketing then look no

further than Digital Profit Master.

This is a Game Changer for me, I’m

In and hope to see you in the member’s




Digital Profit Master Is Live – Downloadable Digital Information Product Creation and Marketing.

Digital Profit Master is Live!

The buzz is true, the hype is real. Digital product creation and marketing is real, Digital Profit Master is real and it’s live from the link below:

If you want to learn how to create the best online product to date then you have come to the right place.

Two of my Teachers, John Thonrhill has teamed up with Dan Sumner and they have put their 20 years worth of product creation knowledge into one easy to understand place… The Digital Profit Master VIP members area!

With all the new up and coming talent in the internet marketing niche, you need to get on top of your game and get on top quickly. All the rumors you may hear or the advice you might be told that there is enough room for everyone, the harsh truth is there isn’t enough room for everyone. The sale rate is falling in the I.M. niche and better, more productive people are becoming your greatest enemy.

What are we going to do about it?

We are going to ‘UP’ our game and I’m going to help you change the way you create your products by letting you into a new product by John Thornhill and Daniel Sumner. These two guys have been there, seen and done it in the internet marketing game and their new product is no exception. Their support and care of their students is second to none.

Digital Profit Master was masterminded by John and Daniel to help people stay ahead of the game by showing you how to create the perfect information products. The structure the planning and mind mapping, basically everything you need to do that you were not doing right before has been put together for you in 1 place.

Check it out here

I can personally  guarantee both John and Daniel will help you create your own products or even if you have been out there in Internet Land on your own, you will change the way you create and market your information products from the moment you open the web page FOREVER! When John and Daniel presented this to me, I started up right away! I hope I see you in the members area.

Take a look at the video on the page below:

You will thank me for this one.

To your success,

James Irwin