I Have Big News Tomorrow, 11/15/2016 on How To Create and Market Your Own Online Digital Information Products for Any Niche.

How many time have we paid for and downloaded an ebook, music album, or a collection of How To videos to learn how to do something?  This industry has become a world wide force generating Billions of dollars annually for every niche and business imaginable.

What is a blessing to live in this age where all of us can get a piece of the momentum.

If you have the will to learn and succeed and have real teachers with a step by step proven program, add an internet connection, a laptop computer and a smart phone, people are creating massive change.

The problem is without a real teacher with a proven track record most people do not know where to start let alone the steps to tie it all together and provide true value to the consumer.

So tomorrow I am going to be sharing a brand new program by two guys that are my teachers who have been creating and marketing downloadable information products since 2007 and teaching others like myself how to do the same thing.

The Sky is the Limit…..

More Tomorrow,

Take care,  James



Affiliate Marketing Master, Michael Cheney The Commission Cartel

​Well here it is. All I can say is if you are restarting life like me and need to make the money to create the lifestyle you deserve, do yourself a favor and check out the link. I am very proud to be part of this group and Mr. Michael Cheney has provided his information on how he makes over $1,000 per day. If you know anything about internet marketing you know that these numbers are absolutely possible through networking..

However it takes coach ability and action on the material. This is not getting rich quick and if that’s what you’re looking for don’t bother. 
There’s plenty of would be gurus with scams out there that promise the magic button riches and I am here to tell you…. there is no magic button. I have studied internet marketing for some years now and through it I have come in contact with a very elite group whom I call friends and stuck with me through some of the darkest times in my life after my wife passed away in 2011. 
But even with all the encouragement, it was me that had to decide to stand up and fight again and rebuild.
If I can do this you can do this too and it is absolutely possible to attain our dreams, our hopes our goals. It takes getting out of your comfort zone a bit and going for it…. don’t look back..
I’m in and hope to see you there!
See my friend and Internet Marketing teacher, Michael Cheney here

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It’s been a long long road. But I’m a survivor

After going on five years after the death of my Wife, Karen in 2011 from complications of multiple sclerosis and myself, her medical care giver for the last fourteen years of her life, I have finally cleared my head enough to start up our mission and marketing endeavors that we had been working on together prior to Karen’s passing in February, 2011.

Karen was a top director for ITT Institute twenty five years ago when during a business meeting she had a seizure and after two days in the hospital she was diagnosed with terminal multiple sclerosis and would never work again. One week after her diagnosis, my seven year old Son, Kyle was hit with brain cancer and passed away eleven months later.

Why am I telling you all this? To let you know we had to learn to survive! We had to learn to learn how not to fall into anger and how to keep the magic in our love and individual lives while going through the worst of life storms. We had to learn to live in the moment, being grateful for every little thing. Most of all, we became coachable. Mindset and a grateful heart is everything.

So today, I am doing a lot writing, network house cleaning, learning and re-learning a lot being as methods change when it come to the fast movement of the internet and technology. I want to thank all my friends, family, teachers for sticking by me through the dark times of which I am a survivor of.

Karen and I got into internet marketing together in 2007 being as we had learn to make money from home after my layoff from the engineering company I had worked with for years. One of the first things we did was start an Ebay store and look for teachers. There is an old saying, when you’re ready the teacher will come and they are still with me to this day.
So, I will be sharing the methods I have been learning to help those like Karen and I who had to learn to make money from home and be a caregiver at the same time.

I do not claim to be a professional writer but I am told I am a good storyteller and It is my hope that our story and resources I provide the reader / seeker with bring blessings and answers in their lives as I share them.

Peace to all, James